Semi-Automatic Packing Machine

The Semi-Automatic bagging machine is designed to pack wood pellets, animal feeds, grains, aggregates and more. This is a very universal bagging machine, capable of speeds of up to 2 bags/min (on 15kg bags), with a weight range of 5 - 20kgs.

Simply fill the hopper, select the desired weight on the touch screen and place a bag on the filling spout. Once the desired weight is obtained, press the green button, this releases the weighed product into the bag. When the weigher has emptied it will automatically start to fill again ready for the next bag. Meanwhile the full bag is sealed with the use of a pneumatic heat sealer. The full bag is then sealed and placed onto a pallet, it's that easy!!   

A Volumetric belt feeder is available to enable it to pack products such as aggregates, composts and more.  

Other extras include: Bulk hoppers, loading conveyors, hopper sensors and continuous heat sealers.  



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