OGM-1.5 Single and Double, Pelleting Systems For Straw, Wood, and Biomass

The OGM-1.5A Pelleting System is designed to pellet a range of dry materials, from straw and wood to paper and plastic. The key to successful, trouble free pellet production is the pellet press. The OGM-1.5A 75kw pellet press, is made to a very high standard, being able to produce up to 1.5 tons of straw pellets per hour. This in return gives you a very low power consumption per ton of pellets.

The OGM-1.5A is the only pelleting system on the market, where the whole system from start to finish can be bought from one company and controlled by one control panel. Where all material flow rates and motor sizes have been calculated to give the most energy efficient, trouble free pelleting system available.

For customers requiring a higher output than the 1.5 ton per hour from one pellet press, there is now the option to have 2 x 75kw presses running in one system. Producing up to 3 tons per hour on straw, depending on quality and humidity. 

The basic unit includes;

  • 75KW Press with batcher and conditioner (stainless steel upgrade available)

  • Screw Auger 

  • Cooler and Elevators 

  • Sieves

  • Belt conveyor and bulk bag filling hopper

  • Electrical control panel

  • Water applicator system

Straw chopping system includes;

  • 10 metre bale conveyor and access platform (other lengths available) 

  • 37kw bale shredder

  • Stone trap with magnets

  • 75kw hammer mill (90kw hammer mill available)

  • Electrical control panel


Saw dust/wood chip system includes; 

  • 15m3 bulk hopper (other sizes available)

  • 25mm screener and auger 

  • Stone trap and magnets

  • 75kw hammer mill (90kw hammer mill available)

  • Electrical control panel

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