The HC-120 Automatic horizontal form fill seal baler is designed for use on; sawdust, shavings, cellulose insulation and chopped straw. The baler will automatically weigh out the required weight into the baling chamber, where the product is compressed and ejected into a formed bag. Once the bale is ejected the bag is sealed and the next bag formed. The bags are all formed from a roll of sheet plastic. The baler also features a built in hopper and cyclone for easy product delivery. 

Complete system available including; bulk material hopper, screener, stone trap, hammer mill, dust extraction cyclones, filters and HC-120 automatic baler. Call for more details. 


HC-120 baler features;

  • Holding hopper and cyclone 

  • Weigh hopper

  • 2 way bale compression

  • Form, fill , seal bagging unit 

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Best for sawdust, shavings and other compressible products

  • Touch screen control panel

  • 400mm (w) x 300mm (h) x 800mm (l), bale size 

  • 2-3 bales per minute

  • Made in Europe

Optional extras;

  • Check weight conveyor

  • Bale turning conveyor 

  • Hammer mills 

  • Dust extraction

  • Hoppers and bunkers 

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