About Us 

EasyPackAutomation have over 15 years experience in the animal feed and bedding sector. As owner operators of baling, bagging and pelleting machinery, EasyPackAutomation have a great wealth of hands-on knowledge. This knowledge is what stands EasyPackAutomation above and beyond the rest of the competition.


At EasyPackAutomation we specialize in the following areas;

  • Pelleting 

  • Baling 

  • Bagging 

  • Shredding 

  • Hammer Milling

  • Palletising  

Coming from a farming background, EasyPackAutomation has a practical knowledge of all the processes involved from harvesting straw in the field, to palletising a product onto a pallet.


EasyPackAutomation prides itself on providing a high quality product and service at a very competitive price.    

Call - 01306 627654              Email - info@easypackautomation.com